Information for current building users 

2 June 2020

To our building users:

Another month has slipped by, and our Bishop recently made the decision to keep local church buildings closed—possibly until the end of June—as re-opening protocols are tested and refined. I know this news will disappoint a lot of our building users. But our Bishop wants to move carefully to protect us all.


The testing and refining of new protocols is ongoing, and we don’t have a timetable for when we will be able to open again. Please check periodically with the office (email:, phone: 415-453-8716) or here on the website to find out how the new plans are shaping up.


One thing groups can do is think about the size of your group relative to the room you meet in. I know some of the groups were pretty tightly packed into their meeting rooms before things shut down. How large a group is safe to meet in the room? And what changes might you need to make to assure everyone’s safety?


We hope you all remain healthy and safe. Thanks again to those groups who have been able and willing to pay their user fees during the shutdown, it has been quite helpful. We hope to see you again in person in the near future—

First United Methodist Church